Please be aware our terms and conditions apply under all circumstances even during covid restrictions. When booking a holiday property through Bribie Island Real Estate you agree to the following terms and conditions upon paying the deposit.


If you make a booking and the covid travel restrictions change after the confirmation is sent and the change effects your access to the property, the standard terms and conditions still apply, you are booking with the knowledge of covid and that it can affect travel at any time. It will be the property owner’s choice if they agree to an alteration of the terms and conditions. Please note this term is only valid for the person making the booking not any other occupants that may be travelling with you.



Tariffs are subject to change without notice.  No responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions contained on any website advertising properties managed by Bribie Island Real Estate (“the agent”) and ensuing correspondence with respect to tariffs and the description of properties.



All bookings require a non-refundable holding deposit of a minimum of 50% of the total value of your accommodation at the time of booking. No booking will be accepted or confirmed without a paid deposit. The outstanding balance is payable to the agent at least 30 days prior to the guests check in date or as noted in the guests confirmation email.  If a payment is overdue it will automatically be deducted from the nominated card. All credit card or eftpos transactions attract a minimum of a 1.496% surcharge. We do not offer a refund on early vacates, if a guests vacates a property early a refund on nights not spent at the property will not be offered.



All bookings will incur a booking fee and bookings that pay via eftpos will occur an eftpos fee. These fees are not refundable under any circumstance and applies to each individual booking.



Credit card details are required at the time of booking for security purposes (“the credit card”) and a preauthorised bond will be held on your credit card prior to check-in. NO BOND NO KEYS. If you do not have the bond you will not be given access to the property and no refund will be given for any payment. The agent will accept Visa or MasterCard. It WILL NOT accept American Express. The amount of bond will be advised by the agent on booking and is refundable to the guest upon them vacating the property less any extra charges incurred under these terms and conditions. The credit card must belong to the guest booking the accommodation. This person must also be present on the holiday and must present themselves at the agent’s office to collect keys to the property. The property will be inspected after the guest has vacated the property.  Any extra charges that arise from damage to the property, hire, extra cleaning or for any other reason contained in these Terms and Conditions will be charged to the credit card or deducted from the cash bond if the guests do not hold a credit card. YOUR BOND WILL BE REFUNDED WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR VACATE IF LEFT ADEQUATELY!  If additional work is required upon vacating an additional fee of $100 for administration and time taken to return the property to its original state will be charged on top of the additional fees.



The 50% deposit paid upon booking is not refundable at any time. If a booking is cancelled with more than 30days notice of the arrival date and is less than 21nights and not during the peak season the guest will only lose the deposit paid. If the booking is cancelled within 30days of the arrival date the full balance is required. If the booking is during the peak season or longer than 21nights then the guest is required to give at least 60days notice from the arrival date where they will lose only the deposit paid. If a booking during the peak season or longer than 21nights is cancelled within 60days of the arrival date then the full balance will be required. This policy applies to any cancellations no matter the reason including events not related to the business that have date changes or cancellations, we are not liable for another person’s alteration that effects the reason for your booking.



Please understand check in times may change especially during the peak season bookings, refer to your emailed confirmation for your confirmed check in time. For arrivals out of office hours or on a Sunday or a Public Holiday there is an afterhour’s check in process. Check out is by 10am on the day of departure. All keys issued must be returned to the agent’s office by 10am on the day of check out and upon doing so you must have completely vacated the property. A fee of $50 per hour will be incurred if the keys are not returned by this time.



The guest must keep the property clean at all times and the number of occupants must not exceed the number of beds provided, or the number agreed with the agent at the time of booking (whichever is the lesser amount). We do not accept bookings from anyone under the age of 25 years old unless agreed to upon booking. Occupants under the age of 18 years are not permitted to stay in any property unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.



Guests are advised that all accommodation is self-contained. Some properties have linen included in the tariff. If you are unsure if linen is included please contact the agent.  A linen hire service is available for $22.50 for Queen Set and $15.00 for a Single Set which includes sheets, towels, pillowcases, tea towels & bath mats. The beds can be made up for you prior to your arrival on request, at no additional charge.



The property will be provided to the guest in a clean and tidy condition. At the end of a guests occupancy the premises must be left in a neat and tidy condition, in particular:

  • Washing up to be done
  • Bathroom, benchtops & kitchen benches to be cleaned (wiped over)
  • All rubbish to be removed and placed in the bins provided

An additional charge will be incurred for removing food scraps and any excess rubbish from the property or for cleaning considered by the agent to be in excess of normal. This would include dirty BBQ’s, dirty crockery/kitchenware and any furniture or items in the house not being returned to their original position. If additional work upon your vacate is required to be organised by the business such as professional carpet cleaning and additional $100 fee on top of the cost of the invoices will be applied.



If the property has a barbeque provided it is the guest’s responsibility to leave it in a clean condition.   If it is a gas barbecue and it runs out of gas then the cylinder can be swapped over at the most convenient Swap N Go Station on Bribie Island. Upon presentation of the receipt to the agent’s office during business hours the guest will be reimbursed in cash.



It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that the garbage bins allocated to the property are left out for collection on the required day. Please refer to the note on the fridge or the compendium as to which day this is. If you are at all unsure, please contact the agent (07) 3408 2700.



Under Local Government health regulations and Body Corporate Rules, pets are definitely NOT PERMITTED at rental accommodation UNLESS the premises are listed as PET FRIENDLY. If evidence of a pet is found or reported to the agent in a property that is not listed as pet friendly, then this constitutes a breach of these Terms and Conditions and in addition the guest will be liable for fumigation costs.   A $50.00 non-refundable fee is to be paid on all Pet Friendly properties on or before check in if you are bringing a dog. Please note once this fee is paid it is not refundable even if you decide to not bring the pet. Should excess cleaning be required as a result of pets being allowed inside the property the cost of it shall be chargeable to the guest. We do not accept cats in any property at any time.



Furniture and fittings must not be moved and must remain in the position they were in at the commencement of occupancy.



The property is NON SMOKING. The guest and his/her invitees must not smoke inside the premises and guests are advised that this condition will be strictly enforced.  Failure to observe this condition shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions and an extra cleaning charge will be incurred to remove smoke contamination of fabrics and curtains



In the event that keys, remotes, or alarm fobs are lost or damaged the guest will be responsible for the cost of replacement.   If  keys are misplaced or left in the property outside normal business hours and the agent  is required to attend the property, an after hours callout fee of $50 will be incurred.  Remotes are NOT TO BE TAKEN to the beach. Any broken agent’s key tags will incur a charge of $10.



Accommodation is for residential purposes only.  Functions or parties are strictly prohibited and failure to comply shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions



Please advise the agent of any required maintenance immediately, please do not wait until your vacate to report issues/maintenance. Any repairs or maintenance requirements for the property reported by guests to, and/or deemed necessary, by the agent, will be carried out as soon as practicable. In some circumstances immediate repairs may be beyond the agent’s or the owner’s control (e.g. awaiting parts, tradespeople unavailable etc.) and no responsibility is accepted by the agent or the owner in these circumstances.  Neither the agent nor the owner will be liable for any compensation, refund or discount due to the failure of any services or equipment provided at the property. Subject to prior notification (except in the case of emergency),  guests are required to allow the entry of tradespeople to attend to any maintenance concerns reported. Guests requesting a service call which is subsequently found not to be required will be responsible for any service fee charged by the tradesperson.



Any guest and his/her invitees must behave in a manner that will not cause offence, embarrassment or disturbance to the occupier of another lot or neighbour of the property.  Failure to comply will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions



No responsibility is taken by the Managing Agent or the owners for guests’ personal property in or left at the property. If the agent is required to collect or return items left at a property by a guest a fee of $15 will apply plus postage costs.



Guests will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement of all damage to the property and breakages occurring during the term of your occupancy no matter how it occurred or by whom it was caused.



The agent shall be entitled to inspect the premises at any time during the guest’s occupancy of the property without prior notice.



The guest acknowledges that the agent and/or the owner have made every attempt to accurately describe the property to be occupied by the guest and neither agent nor the owner will be liable for any alleged misdescription of the property or misrepresentation in relation to it. Further, neither the agent nor the owner will be liable for any loss suffered by the guest or his/her invitees arising as a result of circumstances beyond the control of the agent and/or the owner and the guest hereby releases the agent and the owner from any such claims.  The guest specifically acknowledges that any construction/building work being carried out in or near the holiday property, is beyond the control of the agent and/or owner and neither of them will accept responsibility for any disturbance, noise or inconvenience guests may suffer as a result. The agent and/or the owner will ensure that the property is in a good, clean condition at the commencement of its occupation by the guest and no refunds or relocations will be given should the guest find the property, not to his/her personal liking.

In the event of any of the following occurring, the agent will make every reasonable endeavour to find alternative accommodation for the guest.

  1. The property is sold or withdrawn from letting prior to the guest taking occupancy.
  2. The property is altered in any material way (this includes any renovation or dramatic change of furnishings).

In the event that the agent is unable to find alternative accommodation suitable to the guest, the guest’s booking will be cancelled and all monies refunded in full.



Body Corporate Rules and Regulations applicable to the property must be complied with by guests and their invitees.  Any infringement shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions.

BALCONY (if applicable) The guest or his/her invitees shall not dry/hang towels or wet laundry over the rails on any balcony forming part of the property.



Neither the agent nor the owner will not be liable to any guest or his/her invitees for any loss, injury or damage suffered by a guest, or invitee whether to person or property arising in any way out of the occupation of the premises unless such loss or damage is as a result of a deliberate act or the negligence of the agent or owner, their employees or contractors. The guest holds harmless and indemnifies the agent and the owner from and against any claim action or demand made by any person in respect of such loss or damage.



The guest agrees that if the guest and/or his/her invitees commit any breach of these terms and conditions, the agent or the owner may terminate the tenancy created by this agreement immediately and without prior notice and the guest shall vacate the property and remove all his/her/their personal property forthwith. No refund will be given.  A $50.00 surcharge will apply for any alterations to a booking after the deposit has been paid this include changes to the dates of your booking. Alterations must be made at least 30 days prior to the arrival day and agreed to by the owner and the business.



When checking in, the guest who has booked the property will provide the agent with proof of identification by way of a Drivers Licence or Passport.